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How To Find A Perfect Fitting Swimsuit

It is all fun and games until you actually have to go shopping for the perfect swimsuit. Buying a swimsuit that flatters your style is the most intimidating part of summer for most women. Everyone one wants to look stunning at the beach and the perfect swimsuit can help you with that agenda.
With little to no room for error, most women will choose the easier option of getting a knit-cover-up. But ladies, this is not your only option. With so many trends and styles to choose from, you can use our tips to get you the perfect fit for this summer.
  • For Larger Busts
    Halter tops, ruffle tops and bra-style tops are made for you. Try out various styles to see what fits you perfectly and secures your chest. The best way to determine the integrity of a top is to lean forward as much as you can. This is a mini test you can perform before you make a decision. Dezoti has a selection of appealing bikinis with ruffle tops and banded halter tops. Their blue ocean collection has some stunning pieces that are ideal for women with a heavier top.
  • For skinny frames
    A triangle top and tie side bottom are perfect for you. It helps create an illusion of curves while fitting your frame perfectly. A monokini is another excellent option you can go for. There are several designs over at Dezoti that can go well with your body type. The stunning two piece swimwear from their Pink stream collection is sure to tickle your fancy. The colors and print are perfect to draw the right kind of attention. Plus the fits are gorgeous and the bottoms will give you the appearance of larger hips when you tie them higher than the waist-bone.
  • The hourglass shape
    Where all other shape-definers have been laid to rest, defining your body in an hourglass category is still the correct way of doing it. If your bust and hips are proportionate in size with a slimmer waist you can totally rock one piece stunners. To piece designs with high waisted bottoms, this bikini style can accentuate your curves even more. It is quite simple, the bold colors and bright prints of bikinis at Dezoti work exceptionally well with a curvaceous frame. The one-piece stunners in their blue ocean collection emphasize your best assets with a combination of basic blues and neon hues.
  • Love handles or heavier shoulders
    With the variety of swimwear available in stores, you do not need to be insecure about any of your “insecurities”. You can choose a one-piece with a darker bottom to reduce the emphasis on your love handle area or go for a ruffle top for heavier shoulders. A two-piece stunner with high waisted shorts can also flatter your body type well.
You can visit the EkDezoti page Instagram to see the swimwear in action or visit their website for a selection of styles. Remember with self-confidence and body positivity you can rock any style.

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