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Incredible Tips to stay Happy and Comfortable in a Swimsuit


Happiness and confidence come from within, but translating it into a body positive attitude can be challenging. This is because we are often inundated with a prescribed image of what our bodies are supposed to look like.
With the world constantly molding the image of what one should look like it is easy to get sucked into a vent of self-consciousness. But as times are changing, swimsuit brands are coming up with designs that flatter any skin color and body. This has taken the mindset of body positivity to the next level.

The magic number on the scale can only do so much to alter our state of happiness and comfort. However, a few confidence-boosting tips can prepare you to face the summer in style:

  • Try on different styles
    There are a few brands that cater to all body types in eye-catching designs. If a long-neck does not work for you go for a halter top. has a large choice of designs that can fit like a glove, regardless of the type of body you have. You do not have to sacrifice your comfort to look good in a bikini. Conscious of your shoulders? Try their blue ruffle top bikini with white lace detailing. Feel concerned about your love handles? Try out their high waisted bikinis or pair a bikini top with one of their shorts.
  • Not toned? Tan
    Before hitting the beach, a little fake tanning routine can always help boost your confidence. It can give your skin a glowing and toned appearance. It masks cellulite without hiding your shape. Get a 30 minute tan and you are set for a fun week at the beach. Add a little glow lotion and you’ll be turning heads on the beach. Dezoti has stunning designs with both subtle and bright hues that fit perfectly on curvaceous or slim body types.
  • Waterproof makeup
    Contrary to the popular belief that women wear makeup to hide flaws, the truth is different. Makeup is fun; it is a way of self-expression. Want to go to the beach with highlight to the heavens? Do it. The trick is t opt for waterproof makeup. We do not want mascara running down your eyes and scare somebody off. Make sure that you are taking pictures without flash; you certainly do not want to get all that reflection in the picture as you have your sunscreen on.
  • Good Company
    Companionship can make the dullest of day’s fun. A day at the beach with your besties will definitely keep you confident and happy. Getting matching swimsuits is always fun. The best part is that you can also get fun beachwear for your male friends also at The brightly colored, fun prints can be coordinated to make the day picture perfect. Add a pair of watches and sunnies from Dezoti and catch the sun in style.


The right swimsuit can make a world of difference for your self-esteem. The variety at has surely got any body type and taste covered. The option to mix and match their tops with comfortably gorgeous shorts is another feature that just adds to your experience.

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