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The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Body types are their own dilemma, with multiple, emerging ways to define your body – you have to forget going for the ‘apple and pear’ shaped physique to fit a sexy swimsuit. They are no longer the method of description for your body. And it makes sense, you are definitely not going to be able to tell an online representative that you require a bikini or swimsuit that is suitable for a woman with an hourglass figure or a pear shaped body.
Swim-suit shopping can be a daunting ordeal; the last thing you want is to “define” what your shape is. Categorizing your body-shape is outdated and frustrating even to the sales person you are dealing with. What you choose to wear can make or break the perfect Instagram post. Don’t worry; we got your back, with the latest one-shouldered one-piece to exquisite two pieces you can feel like a queen.
Which Swimsuit Is The Best For Your Type? Here’s how real women shop for the perfect swim suit:
  • One-Piece stunners
    This is the perfect mix of chic and trendy, you can always turn heads wearing the latest one-piece swimwear that has flattering cutouts at all the right places. A littler heavier in the middle? Want to sinch that waistline in? Have an apple-bottom? Don’t worry we got your back. The stunning one piece swimsuits from Dezoti’s Summer 2018 collection are designs to watch out for. The fabric and colors are flattering; these one-piece stunners are the perfect fit for your body when it is beach time.
  • Ruffles it is
    Exquisite two-piece swimsuits, with elegant ruffles giving off the 90’s vibes can add to the appeal of a pear-shaped, hourglass or a straight body. Got heavier chest and arms? Check out EkDezoti’s Blue swimsuit – designed with an elegant ruffled top and a delicate bikini bottom.
  • The High-Waisted trend
    A good pair of high-waisted bottoms can accentuate your buttocks. This trend is versatile and the amazing cutoffs you will find here are unmatched. Got a heavier behind and some love handles? You can definitely catch the sun in style by trying out impeccable designs from Dezoti’s Blue Ocean Collection. These designs flatter the body at different angles in addition to being on point for the summer.
  • Two-Piece varieties
    A two-piece bikini done right is stunning. Be specific about what you need the bikini to do for you. Have shorter legs? Go for a string bikini to create the illusion of longer legs, Got fuller thighs, opt for shorts at the bottom with a string bikini top. Another body-feature that a two-piece can flatter is a short torso – and low-cut bottoms with a bikini top are exactly what you need, and you are at the right place for that. Two-piece varieties are also well suited for compact athletic body types, if you have a smaller chest go for a two-piece designed with embellished or padded tops. Fortunately, features some outstanding two-pieces in their Pink Stream and Gold Wave collections.
These are our top picks for a perfect day at the beach, these wonderful bikinis can be perfect for any body type, just remember to feel comfortable in your own skin and rock that swimsuit with confidence. Pair your swimsuit with Dezoti’s watch and sunglasses and make the most of this summer in style.

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